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Best ways to make money online staying at home

Making money can be easy if you know the right technique. There are many sites that give us many ways to make money online without going to work for a full day job. I also have been working with those sites, and also earned some bucks through it. In this article, I will mention my methods as well as the method other use to generate income online. The ways that are mentioned in this article are the best ways to make money online staying at home.

First of all, you should know that if you start today, you will not be earning thousands of dollar next day. Making money online takes time, and sometimes it might take more time than expected. The main motive you should have is to never give up! 

Here some frequently asked question related to making money online:

So, you might be thinking when to start?

You should start as soon as possible. Because after you start working online, There will come a situation when you will start thinking that if you have started working online earlier, you’d have gained more success.

Are all method scams or trustful?

Yes, all the methods that are listed below are the most used method by the people around the world. They are 100% trustful with no scams.

Can you start to earning money quickly as soon as you start working?

No, you can’t start earning money from next day you started working. You shouldn’t work for money, but should start working for fun and joy, you will automatically start earning.

How will you get paid?

There are many ways of getting paid, it all depends upon which method you choose to work. I will discuss all the means of payment below when I discuss the way or method of earning money.

If there are other questions that are not mentioned above then you can comment it below.


What are the platforms through which you can earn money online?

In this topic, I will show you best platforms through which you can earn money online. I will not go into detail, you can find other tutorials on youtube or other sites about this platforms.


  1. YouTube:

    Youtube is very popular site and is the second largest and most used search engine after Google. It is also a product of Google in which you can earn money by various ways. You just need to have knowledge in video and photo editing and have to create a channel and start uploading videos. Either mobile or computer can be used to edit videos and photos. YouTube can be used to create a fan base and start advertising or selling products through affiliate marketing or selling your own products like an ebook to your fans. According to the new policy, You have to get a total of 10,000 views in all of your videos to start advertising through AdSense.

  2. Website or Blog:

    In this, you will not get a pre-made platform, but have to create a platform yourself. You have to write a unique and great article in your blog. For free you can use blogger and for paid one, you can buy a domain and hosting from various service providers like HostGator, GoDaddy and blue host. You will have to apply for Adsense and Adsense will either approve or disapprove your site. If it approves you can start earning with Adsense by placing ads on your site. You can also sell affiliate products or your own products like e-books. It requires good SEO and writing knowledge. If you get successful in ranking 2 or 3 keywords on google, you will get lifetime traffic from it.

  3. Google Play Store:

    Google Play store is a great platform to the app developers nowadays. You can develop an app or a game and publish it to google play store and place ads or sell products on that app. First of all, you have to deposit 25$ one-time payment to register and start publishing apps. But it requires high skills and is not as easy as others.

  4. Facebook

    Facebook has announced that Facebook videos will also be monetizable, but I didn’t find the way to do it. But you can always earn money from Facebook indirectly. You can sell your own products as well as affiliate products to your fans. Facebook can also be used as a traffic source for your youtube videos or website articles. It can be used for various promotion works and so on.

  5. Freelancing:

    Freelancing is to be self-employed. You can use sites like fiverrUpwork, Toptal, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, etc to do freelancing work. You have to visit those sites, search for the job you can do, negotiate about your price with the people whose work is to be done, finish the job and get paid. A detailed knowledge about some specific things is required or else you will not be appointed.

Best ways to make money online:

  1. Google Adsense:

    Google Adsense is a program that allows advertisers to advertise their products as well content creators to earn money by putting ads on their contents. Content either may be videos on youtube or article on a website or an android app on play store. You can get paid through bank transfer, western union and cheque directly to your home through mailing service. It is the highest paying and best ads serving site for content creators.

  2. Affiliate marketing:

    Affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn money online. There are many affiliate marketing programs like Clickbank, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, ShareASale, eBay, Avangate, Flex offers. The most used affiliate marketing program is Amazon affiliate marketing. In Amazon affiliate marketing, If people buy goods through the link provided by you, you will get up to 10% commission on the sales of the product.

  3. Selling your products online:

    You can also sell your own products online like sell e-books, photography, music, videos and courses, web element, etc to other people on the internet. Products can be sold either on your own site or on other sites like Fiverr.


Best ways to make money online, Final words:

The internet is full of opportunities, If you are able to grab any of them, You can do unbelievable things. The main thing needed to work online is patient. Most of the above-mentioned ways of earning money are used by my self and I found them really working. You can always try your luck, but the most important thing to remember is that you won’t be a billionaire the day after you started working online.

Pranish Bhandari
Hi my name is Pranish Bhandari and I am the owner of the tipsbite.com website. I am from Dharan, Nepal. I also have a YouTube channel named Top Nepali. Through this site I want share the knowledge that I gained from my experience to help you all grow.

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