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How to buy goods from amazon in Nepal (With video) | iwishbag turtorial

As you know that international e-commerce sites like Amazon are not available in Nepal. We do have some e-commerce sites in Nepal like Daraz (kyamu), Sasto Deal, NepBay, Bhat Bhateni online, etc but doesn’t fulfill our needs at present time. There are many products on Amazon which can be very helpful in our daily life. But if you try to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal, you simply can’t. So, if you need to import goods from international e-commerce sites to Nepal, this article will definitely help you.

Ways of importing goods from Amazon to Nepal

  1. By telling somebody who lives in USA or India to bring the specific to Nepal at the time they visit Nepal. And pay after they visit to Nepal. (best and cheap way)
  2. By using www.iwishbag.com.

In this article, mainly I will focus on the second way to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal

Using Iwishbag to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal.

You have probably never heard this name iwishbag. Iwishbag offers a unique way to shop in Nepal through international shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. You have to first find the product in the e-commerce sites that are supported by iwishbag and copy its URL link and request a new quote with that link. Don’t worry I will provide step by step process of ordering goods with this site.


Please Note: iwishbag charges according to the product and sometimes, the price may be doubled the price you find on the shopping site.



Some questions that may be arising in your minds:

1) Is iwishbag worth trusting?

This is the most common question that will probably arise in the mind of every people. As far as I know, it is trust full. If you don’t believe me then you can check the official page of iwishbag, and check all reviews(click here to check reviews). There are many positive reviews which prove’s that this site is not a scam.

2) what are the ways means of payment?

You can deposit into the bank account or choose cash pick up with 50rs extra payment, or visit their office or pay through PayPal.



If there are any other questions then you can comment down below.


How to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal with iwishbag?

To order goods from Amazon with the help of iwishbag is a little bit complex but if you follow along with me with the following steps, it will be easier for you. while you are ordering from iwishbag, be sure to contact iwishbag to its Facebook page with which you will get a great support(click here to visit its Facebook page).

Follow the following steps to order products through Iwishbag:

Step 1:

First of all, register your account if you don’t have an account on iwishbag.com. if you have an account simply login with the requirements. after you create a new account login with your email and password.

step 2:

find the product you wanna buy on Amazon (you can also use eBay, Flipkart and other sites supported by iwishbag). After you find the product, copy the link or URL to that product


step 3:

Now go to iwishbag.com and paste (1) the copied URL to the home page of the site. After pasting the link click submit (2).


step 4:

After you click on submit a separate page will open. On that page, you have to enter some information about you. Look the photo given below and I have categorized it with numbers as shown in the picture. You should enter your name at the (1), email at (2), house address at (3), phone number at (4).  At (5) you should select the production location either India or the USA. then at (6), you will find the link you submitted before. at (7) you must enter the quantity of product you wanna buy. Then click you are not a robot (8) and click request quote (9). 


Step 5:

After you request for quote, you will get an email informing that the request for the quote is successful. After that, iwishbag will calculate the charges and sends you another email after 2 – 3 days informing the price you have to pay if you wanna buy that product. Various factors are considered while finalizing the price of the products i:e weight of the product, customs and duties charges, etc. An email you receive will appear as shown in the photo below. Open the email and click view quote.


Step 6:

Now in this step, you will have to decide if you wanna buy the product at the given price or reject it. The price will increase and sometimes, it may be doubled the price you find at Amazon. it’s up to you if you wanna invest that money or not. in the given photo, actual price and price you have to pay is denoted by (1) and (2) respectively. If you will to pay that amount of money for that product that you can click on approve (4) and then update order (5).


step 7:

This is the final step to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal. Now after you update order, you have to make the payment to start the further process. You can either pay through PayPal or cash deposit or cash pickup or by paying the cash by visiting the office. The best methods of paying are PayPal and bank deposit. If you live in Kathmandu than the cash picks up and office visit may also be helpful. Select the way you want to make your payment and then press ok. All the ways of payment are discussed below.

  1. bank deposit:

    After you select to pay via bank transfer, the account detail and the bank will be emailed to you and you should visit that bank and deposit the amount. After depositing the amount, you have to click the photo of the deposit receipt and send it to the official page of iwishbag

  2. PayPal:

    After you select PayPal as a payment option, just enter details and make payment.

  3. Visit office:

    You can also visit the office of iwishbag and directly pay the cash to the concerned person.

  4. cash pickup:

    In this option, a person will visit your home and collect the money directly from your home. It charges extra Rs. 50.


How to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal, final words:

After you make your payment, you just have to wait for the time it takes to ship it to your city. I know that this process costs high but in some cases, the price of the product will be reasonable to pay. This was an article about how to buy goods from Amazon in Nepal, hope you find it helpful and share it with the ones who are in need of it.

Pranish Bhandari
Hi my name is Pranish Bhandari and I am the owner of the tipsbite.com website. I am from Dharan, Nepal. I also have a YouTube channel named Top Nepali. Through this site I want share the knowledge that I gained from my experience to help you all grow.

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