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How to hide files in android without any applications

Hello friends, in this article I am going to show you how you can hide files in Android without any applications. This is very easy way and very may few know about this technique and the main advantage of this method is that even if you know the method of hiding the file, you cannot find the file that is hided by other in their mobile. OK If you are excited about this method then lets get started.

How to do it?

To hide any files in android their are some simple steps to follow. The steps are listed below:

Step 1

First of all you need to find the location of the file that you are going to hide in the file manager. the file can be videos, photos, applications, etc.



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Step 2

Now rename the file and remove the format name of the file i:e .mp3, .mp4, .3gp, .jpg, .png, etc.from the name which will make the file’s format unidentifiable to the smart phone.


Step 3

 After removing the format name, put a dot in the at the  beginning of the name of the file, which will make the file hidden for the smart phone. Make sure that you also rename the file and remember it for the time it is needed to be used.


Step 4 

Now select option and check hide hidden files


After following all the above steps, your file will be successfully hidden. 

How to use that hidden file?

Now, I will show you how you can again use that hidden file. For this purpose you first need to first you need to go to option and select show hidden files. After enabling hidden files to be shown, you need to rename the file and write back whatever format name was removed while hiding the file. In my case I removed .3pg from the name of the file while hiding it. Now I will add .3gp at the end of the name of the file. After doing it your smart phone can read the file. Make sure you again remove the format name and hide it after use.

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