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How to Make Your Voice Sound Better In Audacity

Audacity is a best free audio editing software for the computer. It has many tools that can make an audio sound better. It can also make your voice sound better. In this article, I am going to teach you how you can make your voice sound better in audacity. You can use it for commentaries, singing, speech, voice overs, etc. I also recommend you to buy a quality mic and you can also check my article Top 5 Best Budget Mics Under $50 For YouTube If you are really planning to improve your audio quality. If you are a YouTuber then this tutorial will also be helpful for you.


How to Make Your Voice Sound Better In Audacity:

It is very simple to use audacity, just follow the steps below and you will be able to do it yourself next time:

Things needed:

  1. Audacity, Click here to download.
  2. A computer (This tutorial is not applicable to mobile phones).

Note: To select entire track, simply press Ctrl + A.

Step 1:

First of all, record audio on audacity and remove background noise. If you don’t know how to do it, I have made a separate article on how to remove background noise in Audacity, you must read it first and come back here again.

Step 2:

After removing background noise, select all track and go to Effect (1) > compressor (2) and change threshold to -15 to -18 (3) and Noise floor to -40 (3). You can also copy all settings from the photo below in case if you are confused. After changing the settings, select ok (4).


Step 3:

Now after the compressor, we should equalize it. Again select the entire track and go to Effect (1) > Equalization (2). Then select base boost curve (3) and press ok (4).


Step 4:

In this step also, we will equalize the audio. Select the entire track and again go to Effect > Equalization and Select Treble Boost curve and press ok.


Step 5:

Now in this step, we will use the hard limiter tool in audacity. Select the entire track and go to Effect (1) > Limiter or hard limiter (2) and then change the limit to -2dB to -4dB (3). You can also copy the exact settings from below photo. Then click ok (4). You might not find hard limiter at the top of the list of effects, just scroll a little bit down and you will find it.


Step 6:

Now we will normalize the track. Select the entire track and Goto Effects (1) > Normalize (2) and press ok (3) with default settings.


How to Make Your Voice Sound Better In Audacity, Final words:

After you complete all the steps, your audio quality will be much better than the beginning. Be sure to save the audio file in what ever format you like it to be.

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